Gorillas at the National Zoo


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2 thoughts on “Gorillas at the National Zoo

  1. I love visiting zoos, and have hope of visiting the National Zoo i D>C> sometimethis spring!. My ast zoo visit was at the Knoxville, TN zoo in August on 2011. You can see some those ohotos here. I as new to my DSLR camera and the photos are my first attempts at completelu manual settings. I jad a blast. Since I’m a newbie photographer, i have a lot to learn an I enjoy seeing other prople’s ork an their techniquees and perpecctives. My zoo photos can be found at:


    • Paula,
      Yes, I enjoy zoos as well. You have some good shots from Knoxville. I especially like some of those with the elephants! I am on a learning curve with the creative side of the dial myself and enjoy looking at the others’ work also. Thanks for visiting.


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